Be Optimistic

Written by Dhammmacaro

Being optimistic is a good start to living our life. It figures that if we start with optimism, things are possible and positive. On the contrary, if we start with pessimism, things are impossible and negative. It is true, for example, if we run a business and start with optimism, things go OK. If it is not successful now, we can try again and again until our time comes. We never lose heart and energy. But if we start our business with pessimism, we lose heart and confidence. Things are impossible even through we try very hard.

Optimism helps us live a happy life, believe it or not. There is a story which might help make you optimistic. Here is the story:

There were two friends who wanted to have the experience of floting in a balloon. So they took a ride in a balloon. In the balloon, and high in the sky, one of them started to worry and thought too much about the possibility that the balloon might fall down to earth. The other wasn’t worried. The one who wasn’t worried enjoyed the magnificent view, felt the warm wind on his face and simply loved the ride. The person terrified of everything squatted on the floor, thinking "O my god! O my god! This thing is going to crash and burn! We’re all going to die! Aaaaaaaaa!!!"

Objectively, they went through exactly the same experience. The difference was in their VIEW of the reality.

It is said, "This is your life. Don’t let ANYONE take it from you!" There are many people who let others take their life from them. That is to say, they are distracted by friends, relatives, TV, hearsay or rumour etc. They are not confident in living their own life. Optimism is the first step to living a happy life. When we are optimistic, we are confident that we can live our life in a happy way.

Buddhism teaches people to live a happy life, the Noble Eightfold Path starts with right understanding and view. When we understand life rightly, we are optimistic about it and see the right path for us to walk. Remember it is our life, so don’t let others take it from us.

Learn life, understand life and live life.

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